Outreach & Projects

  • Children's Support Program ~ development

We have been sponsoring street children in order to enable them go to school for several years now and see such great need we desire to help other underprivileged kids. This is not an expensive program but if you would like to help change a life, you can.

These children and their families have no opportunity to get help and encouragement from anywhere else, so all we ask of you is for you to be willing to give either monthly, six-monthly, annually or even a one-off donation. You will make a real and lasting difference to their lives! Although we cannot give you a specific child to support we will keep you updated on the shelters and all the kids once a year and trust you will pray for them regularly.

We have several projects we are either supporting or facilitating:

  • Shelters in South Vietnam

Since 2004 CMIAsia has been actively supporting local believers that have a vision to help and disciple hundreds of children that have either been abandoned, sent to the city to work, have been rescued from abortion or have been taken into shelters because their parents are just too poor to feed another mouth in the home. Over the years we have built playgrounds, sent kids to school and provided for their monthly needs at these many shelters. We have shelters we support in Saigon, Vung Tao and now in Cambodia.

  • House of Hope 

The realization of the dream of one young man with great vision has come about with a faith partnership between a British church and an underground church in Vietnam. The House of Hope orphanage was built in 2004 and currently has 8 kids living there as part of a big family. The home is used to love the kids, provide them with a caring environment and to allow them to grow up to be men and women of God reaching out to others in their region.

  • Support for Kids and Staff

Sponsorship of a child in a shelter is $35 per month (£25) Individual donations or smaller amounts are readily accepted - every little counts!

We are also supporting kids and their parents in China through this sponsorship. The needs are very different but schooling is still expensive so we aim to support the child at home with money for books and classroom fees. 

We aim to train, encourage and see all of our staff reach their full potential in life and to get the opportunity to accept Christ and grow in Him. We actively find training opportunities and internships for our staff from accountantcy school to working in a 4 star hotel. If you would like to support this then $30 month (£20) or a one off donation of $300 (£200) will help send one of our staff to school for one year.

  • Leadership Training, Evangelists Support and Outreach Projects

We are also helping support some Chinese evangelists, some who live in a very remote area of China and live completely by faith. $75 per month (£50) will supply all their basic needs. The more support we get the more we can support others like them.

  • Community based support for the Elderly

This varies from visitation of elderly homes, jewelry projects done in conjunction with the elderly in government institutions in Vietnam, and village visitation and support in China.

There is a great need for the rapidly growing church in Asia for good, sound teaching. This has proven difficult in the past due to inexperienced leaders, the rapid growth of the church, and little resources in the local language. Good teaching is still desperately needed. If you are a recognized teacher willing to train groups of student leaders or our staff supervisors in Vietnam then please consider joining us to help equip these hungry Christians. 

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