Street Kids & Students

CMIAsia has been working in Vietnam since 1997 and at that time many of the young children had to work on the streets selling postcards, chewing gum or lottery tickets just to help their family survive. We befriended many of these children and their parents, and in 2004 started a small business to help a few of them get out of debt and have a future. This business grew and in 2005 we opened a cafe employing and training these former street kids and some of their parents. This business sucessfully expanded and over the years we have helped many kids go back to school, train them in lifeskills and find good jobs for them after they leave the training program.

The cafe is still thriving and in November 2011 we refurbished the building again to make the cafe even more appealing to the public. It is self sustaining and is now run by local believers who have been trained up to lead the staff and run the business. 

With an initial desire from university students interested in volunteering, the cafe has now become an established center for various community projects, including elderly homes, orphanages & shelters, aids home and much more.

We continue to host English Corner four times a week, Character First training sessions, Game nights and various workshops. Through these activities we are able to disciple and train up leaders to further the Gospel in Vietnam. 

Since 2006 we have run Alpha for the staff and students. Through this many staff are believers and are being discipled by our workers empowering them to raise up new believers and to walk strong in their faith. Many students come to volunteer in their community and we guide and disciple them so they can reach out to more in their cities and home towns after they graduate.


If you join one of our short term teams, you will have the opportunity to meet, mix and minister to these kids and the students. We are also employing more disabled and hearing impaired staff as the economic situation changes in Vietnam. We have found a huge thirst for young people wanting to improve themselves and run many Character First trainings.  If you or your team is specialized in working with young adults or students then a variety of outreach opportunities can be planned by running lifeskills and discipleship workshops for them. 

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